Interwiew with Snezana Aleksic,Player of Valencia Basket’s Womens Team: " Now my dream is play in the first league"

Image while the she tries to penetrate. Photographer: Rafa Pacheco (@rafa___pacheco on Instagram)
José Ramón Alba Benlloch. At The Buzzer CB

Snezana Aleksic (Podgorica/Montenegro — 14/01/1989), the montengrin point-guard of the Valencia Basket’s feamle first team is a women so pasional on the court, where play really hard in every and that’s a truly profesional which talk with me about how saw the present and the future of his team and his expectatives about herself, playing in a city who make her fall due to it beuaty.
How do you feel now, after 8 figth months, that you achieve this point of the season?

I dream for this moment, because after hard 8 months of work everything; everyday in the pratices, now I’m just focus on been in the first league, give it all in and out of the court. We’re (the team) a big family and understand what means stay here.

After a experienced carrer in teams of Montenegro, Croatia, Rusia or LF1, ¿Why do you choose Valencia?
First when I think to came here don’t pick Valencia for been a LF2 team, they don’t look like that.
They have 8 players with experience in LF1 and I compete in FIBA cup but I saw that team have too much actitude, and I thought I could help team. But now my dream is play in the first league.
How do you see the Valencia’s project for the years to come?

Now we’re playing so good together and I think first league is place where the team should be, and now we and understand each other, and if the aquire some player the next year could be in 3-4 in the LF1 and can compete for a spot in a European comeption in a that .
I don’t know if I gonna stay or not but I want stay here because now this team for me is the best. due to I love to much the people from this club, give everthing for you, I just can be happy here.
What have Valencia have that few montengrinians like Dubljevic, Ana Pocek or yourself decide came here?
I love too much this city. I hope to stay here for my hole life and when my carreer end I would live here beacuse I love to much Valencia, the club and everything around it and Dubi same beacuse when I talk with him, who’s here for six years;  he say me good words about this team and about the city. I love too much this team.

You start the season with a really good percentage from the three point range but you had a gap but you’re still the 5th with most valuated player on the team. ¿What’re you’re expectation about your performance in the tournament?

(Question asked at 20th of april, before the competition start)

Of course when I start the season was better and now I’m so much tired and can’t do everything that I do at the start. Now that the regular season finish, we will try to get our best and do whatever the team needs to win.
If I see that can’t score three-pointers I going to try pick ‘n rolls to penetrate or something else even if the circumstances banging us and don’t have a good day. I hope for this four games we can do everything even with the difficult situation of play thay amount of games in a row but we just want win.
How do you saw the increase of the montenegrin Basketball, who have right now player in the NBA, ACB and the reinging champs of the ABA League?
The Basketball in my country is so different before and after 5 years ago, but now we have so good young players and I think just to work and train more due to don’t have so much people who want play. Many people do it for don’t go to the school, but don’t have many professional players and I hope one day Montenegro have a team to compete in international competitions.


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